Monday, April 12, 2010

kentut je boleh dapat duit...that's right!

Advice: Please read this entry with the "Who Wants to be a Millionaire" theme music on your head. Imagine it if you can. For a better effect, use youtube.

Look at the title. no, I'm not lying. Really, With just a puff or two of the flatus, you can easily gain money. No no please, I'm telling the truth. See, my big white Alphard, my huge bungalow behind me....all is mine. Do you want it too? Come join us and we'll show the easiest among the easiest way to be rich... attracting enough? No, should i change it to ANNOYING enough? There, much better.

Recently, I've been quite distracted by all those "just sit back and relax and you'll get your money in no times" concept of job. Have you guys ever heard or read about annoying posts and comments in facebook? Be it your friend or not, ever heard about posts like:

    * "Nothing is imposibble. Day or night, with FB, you will be surprised with rm100 daily."
    * wow..seronoknye kat lab bi ni..sambil wat exercise bi sambil tu boleh jana rm100 dalam   fb...huhu...berbaloi2....
    *  huhu...sambil balas msg2 ngarut dekat budak2 ni dapat jugak aku tambahkan pendapatan kat fb ni...$$$$$$...banyak tu...hehe
    *   Hari2 main game kat FB, dpt byk untung tapi kat alam siber saje la. Tapi satu ni memang berbaloi.... senang2 je dpt RM100 hari2...Memang BEST!"
    *  wow betul lah...dah lah hujan2 ni...dapat lagi gue ma$$$$$$$$$$$$$$4yuk sema$$$$$$$$$yuk2nye dengan fb ni,hehe
    * IBU-IBU....bapak...bapak...siapa yang mahu login facebook die boleh ma$$$$$$$$$$$$$yyyyyyyyyyyyuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuukkkkkkkkkk
    * Huh...siap jugak present Dr eddie punye assigment tadi...huhu...nak login FB lah baru lah ma$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$yuk hari ni....:)
    * adus nak exam ni kne studi ni...sambil2 studi aku login fb pun boleh gak ma$$$$$$$$$$$$$$yuk tu...huhu
    * best bangat....tgh dok kat bilik ict ni..tau2 dah ma$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$yuk je bile login fb ni tau

Yes, that's right. Just log in into your facebook account and your RM100 will automatically deposited to your bank account. Simple right? just throw away your books, forget your exams and all your problems can be solved by logging in to your facebook. You don't have to spend 3-4 years of your youth in the university like other people did. It's useless right? They even didn't know when they will have a job. Just quit the line of your job interview. All you have to do is go to any of the internet cafe, maybe RM2 for an hour, log in to your facebook and voila, RM100 is yours. Untung RM98 for one log in. Will you get RM9800 if you do it for another hundred times. I don't know, don't ask me. From what source did the money came from. I don't know.....errmmm from CIA maybe.... ahhh i don't care as long as i get that RM100, it's fine with me.

see, can you imagine how annoying his/her comment is?

Let's take a look at another "no-shit-and-spin testimonial" from another successful and lucky person. This person claims it's very easy to get money. If you have money, you'll be more focused in your ibadah (religious duties). Is it so? I think it's way too far from the way Islam teaches us Muslim to be. This person claims the company he joined can show the "badly-needed-poor-people-with-no-Alphard-car"the way to get out of the poverty.

  • "mana lg sronok?? kita b'angan nk njoy tp x de $$$$.. or kita ad $$$$ n njoy.... bukn stakat njoy... InsyaAllah bila kita ad $$$$, kita akn fokus kpd Ibadah... sbb $$$ bukn lg masalah.... Financial Freedom.... Let me show u how.... letk je no. hp kat inbox... n i'll show u my expertise....
  • " yes smlm masyuk lg RM500.....!!! hahahaha.... duit elaun ak pon x byk mcm nie.... thanx to my sifu..... harini mayb masyuk lg RM1000.....or maybe lebihh.... yes... mmg best mcm nie.... Anda nk jugak?? x payah la... anda semua kn dh kalau nk gk, drop ur hp no. kat inbox, i'll show u the way.... serious people only...."
  • " yes smlm masyuk lg RM$$$.....!!! hahahaha.... duit elaun ak pon x byk mcm nie.... thanx to my sifu..... harini mayb masyuk lg RM$$$$.....or maybe lebihh.... yes... mmg best mcm nie.... Anda nk jugak?? x payah la... anda semua kn dh kalau nk gk, drop ur hp no. kat inbox, i'll show u the way.... serious people only...."
Sounds familiar? You can find such annoying statements in your facebook. Believe me. There's too many of them. Dah macam spam tahap annoying testimoni2 tu.

Well, who said money can't buy anything? With money you can buy almost anything. Yes, anything. But there's certain type of car and house you can buy. You can buy DEFAULT car and DEFAULT house, i.e Alphard and big bungalow. If you look carefully, the pattern, tactics and concept of such direct selling are all the same. That's why I'm using the word DEFAULT just now. Do you really think facebook will become extremely generous by 'donating' RM100 to you every time you log in? What, they generated a very big amount of money and they don't know where to spend it? bullshit. For those university students in Malaysia who were suppose to focus on their study, please, get your eyes peeled. There's no such nonsense. No wonder why the academic level of some university students in Malaysia dropped. yelah, just doing nothing. Sibuk kumpul duit melalui facebook ni.

And for those who are busy with your promising yet appealing direct selling, please, stop using religion for your shield for God's sake. It's true in Islam our beloved prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) once said; 90% of the provision come from trade. But, there are rules to follow. Among the basic rules, know the source of your income. Is it Halal or vice versa. I know, if there are some people who read this entry might feel offended. "Hey, I'm doing this Halal job you know. You who know nothing can get lost lah!" Or is it gonna be like; "Alah, orang Melayu. Memang tak boleh tengok orang lain senang sikit. Mulalah nak mengata itu ini. Pedulikan aje orang2 macam ni kak. Kolot."

This kind of people who rely too much on money are increasing day by day. Just look at our newspaper's Iklaneka or job offer section. There are tons of rubbish testimonies, just like the one I wrote above. This kind of job for me is really suspicious. They won't share what they did and how they become success. The reason, it's the company secret. You have to pay if you wanna know about it. Personally, if what they did could really help other people, why don't they share it with other people? If it's really good, it should inspire more people to success. Why should we pay for it? coz it's your idea? In everyday life, how much other people's ideas we used and are still using now. Do they charge it just to make the world's better place to live in? 

Just search at your facebook this keyword; 'log in facebook RM100', choose one of the group and see all it's members. Do you find any facebook user's name with John Smith or Kate or Ryan words? No. What kind of name will you find? Awang Hassan, Nur Fauzana, Siti Jamilah and other 'similar' type of people. What does this mean? Only Malaysian will believe and join such meaningless group with mountains of hopes to get RM100 every time they log in. Please Malaysian, orang lain dah sampai ke bulan dah pon (bahasa pakcik2 kat warung kopi). Still believe with all the fallen durian stuffs ke? Udah2 le tu....tak larat la nak marah. Nak cakap lebih2 dah besar.

p/s: Still wondering. Why facebook only 'donates' RM100? Why don't make it RM200 or other amounts.